Could This Fridge Be a Canadian’s Best Friend?


If you’re backpacking around Europe, then you might want to bring – or make – a good Canadian friend. A quirky new fridge campaign could see you getting close to all the free beer you could possibly want.


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A Quirky Campaign

Molson, the Canadian brewer, has installed a series of beer-dispensing fridges across Europe with a twist. Located in big cities, including Brussels and London, the bright red fridges are packed with free beer inside – however, there is a catch. It requires possession of the all-important Canadian maple leaf and an authentic Canadian accent.

Only One Type of Key

This little slice of refreshing heaven may sound wonderful, but the fridges are locked. And they can only be opened by one very special type of key – a Canadian passport. A clever integrated camera inside the fridge will take a photo of the passport and will only unlock if the document is recognised as bearing the official insignia of Canada – the famous maple leaf.

The campaign has received a lot of attention and seen large crowds of participants flocking around the fridges. You can see one of the fridges in action online at – and don’t forget to Google the nearest location if you’re inclined to get involved.

Singing for Your Beer?

An earlier advertising campaign from the same company saw beer-packed fridges being installed in Canadian cities, but this time there was another way to get them open. Successful beer winners had to sing the Canadian national anthem. To celebrate Canada Day, flocks of locals turned up to try to sing the door open but only succeeded if their tone and delivery were spot on.

Similar fridges were installed at the Sochi Winter Olympics, and they caused quite a stir among all those who saw them. It helped too that the fridge models themselves were beautiful and well designed.

It’s a great advertising campaign, and it won an award for its innovative nature. The agency behind it have promised more fridges of the same ilk to follow. Will commercial refrigeration firms be inclined to offer something similar? Certainly, there is an ever-increasing number of quirky, innovative and high-end fridges on the market, from domestic to commercial solutions. You can find a huge range of options for commercial refrigeration by Fridge Freezer Direct.

You can find great inspiration online when it comes to fridges from some of the top reviews. A beer fridge is also a great way to keep your favourite drink cool if you’re planning a party or if you have space in your kitchen, cellar or utility room for a standalone beer storage facility – some bedrooms and offices have also been known to boast one.

In the meantime, if you’re in possession of that all-important Canadian passport and looking to travel across Europe any time soon, keep your eye out for a beautiful big red fridge promising instant free refreshment inside.

Top ways to successfully wear a denim jacket this autumn


When the humble denim jacket was invented in the early 1900s, no one would have thought that it would become such a fashion essential in the 21st century. These jackets were originally developed for steelworkers, miners and cowboys, who wore the jacket for its durability and versatility due to its easy wear and cotton textile. Nowadays, the denim jacket is very much a fashion statement, worn mainly in the spring and autumn months to complement an outfit for work, rest or play.


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Wear it with anything!

According to the Wall Street Journal, wearing a denim jacket will subtly stand you out from the crowd thanks to its ageless design and classic look. Denim jackets can be worn with pretty much anything and usually have the effect of creating a casual style. However, these jackets can also be worn to dress up an outfit. They keep you warm but won’t overdo the outfit, so experiment with your wardrobe this autumn.

Double up with denim jeans

Skinny jeans are on trend this autumn, and more of us are opting to purchase an expensive pair of womens skinny designer jeans as a wardrobe essential.

Take a look at some of the style images on and note how teaming the jacket with a striped T-Shirt underneath to break the denim up is a great and stylish combination. However, when pairing denim, be sure to use different washes.

Make it feminine

A girly look is nice with a touch of denim to complete the outfit. Blue denim teamed with a floaty lace dress and calf boots is an understated yet flirty and feminine look that can be achieved easily.

Wear it cropped

One of the key fashion designs this year is the cropped jacket. Go for a chic look with a maxi dress and cropped denim jacket. Make a statement on style and elongate your body, too!

Button it up

Have you ever thought of wearing your denim jacket as a shirt? Why not try it this autumn and button it up? Wear it with a bright maxi skirt or fitted trousers for a tailored look.

Wear it out

Denim jackets can also flatter an evening outfit. Jazz it up with sequins and heels for a bit of fun. It will also keep you warm on the way home!

FDA tells congress that drug firms are abusing citizen rights

FDA tells congress that drug firms are abusing citizen rights

This year’s citizens’ petitions report from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) again highlights that the majority of petitions are filed falsely. It claims that these inappropriate petitions are filed solely to delay competing companies bringing new, similar or generic products to market. This leads to higher drug costs for those who might otherwise choose the lower cost product.Continue reading →

How to Make the Most of your Uganda Holiday

How to Make the Most of your Uganda Holiday

Uganda is the perfect tourist destination. It is situated in East Africa and is considered as a “landlocked country” since it’s right in the middle of several other countries including Kenya and Tanzania. The world’s most unique and captivating wildlife derive from this country, including gorillas, lions, giraffes and elephants etc. It is famous for its breath-taking views and beautiful national parks. If you’re planning on going to Uganda on a holiday, you better make the most of it! Here are some of the best aspects to this fascinating country.

How to Make the Most of your Uganda Holiday

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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This gorgeous nation park in south-western Uganda is home to 348 species of birds, gorillas, chimpanzees, chameleons, geckos and many endangered species. These species are protected in the park, but visitors may still get a chance to see them in their natural habitat. As well as endangered animals, this massive national park is also home to endangered flora such as the Brazzeia longipedicellata and the brown mahogany.


This town has been called the “adrenaline capital of East Africa” by Lonely Planet, describing the town as a buzzling place filled with colonial architecture. There is plenty of activities here to enjoy. The most popular of which include horseback riding, bungee jumping, quad biking, mountain biking, kayaking and white-water rafting.

Gorilla Trekking

As you know, Uganda is famous for its gorilla inhabitants. The huge national parks provide the gorillas with the perfect habitats, offering them constant sources of food, water and shelter. These gorillas are protected from harm, which means tourists can enjoy a peaceful Gorilla Trekking Holiday from companies such as Discover this mystical animal as it goes about its daily life without being disturbed. Just remember to pack your best hiking boots!

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Another park you don’t want to miss in Uganda is the Queen Elizabeth National Park. With over 612 bird species, you’re bound to come across a few rare creatures that you won’t find anywhere else on this planet. There is plenty to do here, including various safari trips that will take you closer to some of the parks most breath-taking wildlife. The land is mostly bushy grassland, however, there are also areas of woodland, swamp vegetation and forest grassland. Some animals you will see on your visit include the great flamingo, martial eagles, backed pelicans, elephants, hyenas, leopards, lions, waterbucks, cape buffalos and the Shoebill stork etc.

Pancreatic cancer treatment drug goes into testing stage

Pancreatic cancer treatment drug goes into testing stage

Pancreatic cancer cells can grow to be too large for surgical removal, and chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not always enough to battle the growing cancer cells alone.

Pancreatic cancer treatment drug goes into testing stage

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This is where clinical trials come in. Recently, a new drug by AstraZeneca called Olaparib started its initial trial to help treat pancreatic cancer that has not yet metastasized but cannot be removed surgically. Olaparib is paired with chemotherapy and radiation therapy to form a triple threat in the treatment of the cancer.

Response to treatment

The results for any treatment can vary according to the stage and the severity of the cancer, but this new treatment drug hopes to benefit most patients whose pancreatic cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. The drug is expected to work by helping cancer cells respond better to the chemotherapy and radiation therapy that the patient is given. According to Cancer Research UK, Olaparib is already being used to treat ovarian cancer and is now in the testing stage for certain pancreatic cancer cases.

The drug’s goal for patients with pancreatic cancer is to make the cancer small enough to be safely removed with surgery. First, the drug will be tested to find the perfect dosage to pair with the chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and then doctors will be watching to find out how long the drug takes to shrink the cancer to a surgically removable size.

Help with the process

Knowing that a competent team of doctors, drug developers and scientists are taking care of every aspect of the drug trial should help relieve some of the anxieties that patients have when just starting out with a drug that is in a trial testing stage. Another important part of the trial team is the clinical trial assistants, such as those found at These assistants from scientific staffing solutions act as knowledgeable, efficient helpers to the facility, trial and patient.

Certain cancers have very limited treatment options, leading patients to turn to clinical trials either in place of or in addition to the usual treatment. All of the choices that need to be made can be overwhelming for a patient, and hopefully the positive outlook for this new treatment drug for pancreatic cancer can help ease some of these worries.

5 steps to finding an IFA you can work with

5 steps to finding an IFA you can work with

If you’re going to invest time and money in the services of an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), you want to know that you’ll be getting the best possible service. Much of this is down to your rapport and relationship with the advisor you choose, alongside their actual advisory skills. Here are five steps to finding the right IFA for you.

5 steps to finding an IFA you can work with

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1. Know what you what

More of us than ever are taking financial decisions into our own hands, but there are times that expert help is valuable, such as when it comes to tax efficiency, pensions planning, insurance, investments and mortgage. Know what services you want beforehand and look for an IFA rather than a tied financial advisor so that they will give you market advice that is truly independent.

2. Do your homework

Look for a recommendation or search online for a good IFA. Recommendations from trusted sources are ideal, but otherwise, or The Telegraph are good starting points. You may also find online reviews, which can be very handy as a means of finding honest thoughts from other customers.

3. Research prospects

When you have found a prospective IFA, research their reviews, credentials and experience. They must be independent, offer overall market advice, and be experienced, qualified and regulated by the FCA; search the FCA register to check this. Arrange a short initial interview with them, which should be free.

  1. Interview before committing

    Take questions with you before you see your potential IFA, and bring your paperwork. Find out how much their service will cost. The rise in IFA back office software such as that provided by means that some costs are now stripped out of doing business for IFAs. In theory, this should translate into a better, more transparent cost for clients.

    5. Negotiate the fee

    A flat fee structure is better than a commission from an investment approach as it means the pricing structure is transparent. If the IFA is quoting more than you are prepared to pay, ask if they will drop their price. They may not, but you will get a strong appreciation of realistic costs and feel more confident about what you will ultimately be expected to pay for the services you want.

    Good luck with your search!

Virtual psychology: My therapist is a computer! New technologies in the assessment and future prospects

Virtual psychology

Insomnia and anxiety can be fought with an app? There will never program of virtual psychology in which the therapist will be replaced by a machine? We can replace the psychologist, understood as a human being equipped with tools and concepts, with its only function, separating it from the man himself, through the services of virtual psychology?Continue reading →