The changing face of Wedding Photography

Wedding photos have changed quite dramatically over the last decades. As with anything, times change, new technologies become available and society has moved on. This means that the idea of traditional wedding photography has also had to adapt and keep up with the changes.

Probably the biggest change for the wedding photographer has been the advent of same-sex marriages. Following the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 many couples had tied the knot and the events were hard-earned and probably very emotional.


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One consequence of the digital era is that mobile phones are hardly ever out of our hands and for the photographer that means keeping a watchful eye on not snapping one in a guest’s hand in every photo. A new trend has been created in backlash, called the Unplugged Wedding, where it’s strictly a ‘no device’ policy. For a Hampshire Wedding Photographer visit

New trends have to include the ‘offbeat’ wedding. Photographers can no longer expect the same format at every ceremony they attend and now have to be prepared to get their shoes muddy! Odd locations including weddings on boats, on beaches or in football stadiums are now common enough for a photographer to expect to get a little more active than the weddings of yesteryear dictated. It is much more acceptable now for brides and grooms to show off tattoos and body piercings in their photos.

Wedding photographers can also be asked to join elopements. Those not wanting a big wedding can still decide to sneak off and get hitched in a quieter way but still deserve to have their moment professionally photographed.

Working days have also changed for the professional wedding photographer. Weddings always used to be a strictly ‘Saturday’ affair but nowadays in an effort to cut costs, more and more couples are opting for a Thursday or Friday ceremony. As the average cost of weddings has soared in recent years, mid-week deals and discounts for venues are very attractive considerations. The photographer can no longer expect to work only on a Saturday.

The changes to photography have been major since the advent of the digital era but it might be worth remembering that even though you want your photographer to use cutting edge equipment and be savvy with all the latest trends, you also don’t want to end up with photos that in 20 years time look instantly dated. The secret is to take a photo that will still look fresh when your children are getting married.