Why Bad Dental Hygiene Could Lead to Wrinkles

Did you know that avoiding regular visits to the dentist can give you wrinkles? By not visiting your dentist, you could be speeding up the ageing process and adding to those unsightly wrinkles around your mouth.


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This is because worn down teeth, grinding your teeth and clenching them at night can all cause loss of support to bone density in the jaw and cheeks. Here are a list of ways to keep those wrinkles at bay.

Teeth Grinding

Overworking your jaw muscles can cause skin sagging around the jawline. Being aware of this habit and actively trying to stop yourself from grinding may help to break the habit.

Night Clenching

Speak to your dentist about a mouth guard which should help to prevent this when sleeping. This will also maintain soft lines around the jaw typically associated with a youthful appearance.

Worn Down Teeth

You will start to see horizontal lines forming in the corners of your lips caused by a closed bite from worn down teeth. If your teeth start tilting inwards you may also become aware of a thinning upper lip. You may want to visit a Dublin dentist for regular dental check-ups and cleaning to ensure your teeth stay in good shape.

There are some foods that can wear your teeth down. Crunchy foods such as whole almonds are the main culprits. Best to slice almonds and break down nuts so you get the health benefit but not so much damage to your teeth and jaw.

Other Habits

Not only is smoking one of the worst culprits for staining teeth, you will see vertical lines appearing around the lips if you are a regular smoker. Did you know that using straws has a similar effect on wrinkles and should also be avoided?

Another habit which can lead to wrinkles is nail biting. This habit can result in worn down front teeth which we know leads to horizontal lines around the mouth.

If you are concerned about how dental hygiene can result in wrinkles, you may want to discuss cosmetic dentistry or use of braces with a local Dublin dentist, www.docklandsdental.ie.

What are you waiting for? Just follow the above advice, and you will discover how good dental hygiene will slow down signs of ageing and prevent unwanted wrinkles.